icemanI’ve just escaped the Snowpocalypse that ate DC this past weekend for the fair airs of Fort Worth, Texas. Said Snowmageddon gave me a few days to test drive Mass Effect on Xbox… which is AWESOME (more on that, perhaps an Experience Series post, later).

Everybody have a lovely Christmas holiday and enjoy your New Year. My plans involve a lot of Mexican food, some cool eBooks on my new Nook, and mucho consumption of adult beverages. Your humble author is hard at work on some Evil Plans for 2010, so stay tuned.

In the interim, to make up for periodic inebriation of the author, here’s some AWESOME shit to delight you Here At The End of All Things.

This is Must. Be. AWESOME!!! Dot com. Happy holidays.

Spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about moving back to Texas. Raised in Longview, I still call myself a son of Fort Worth (high school and post-college), and I’ve always wanted to live in Austin.

Image courtesy Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau

Image courtesy Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau

One day.

This is Must. Be. AWESOME. Dot com.

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